Peter Lock - Guitar
Cody DeMille - Guitar
Nick Annis - Bass
Lucas Sigg - Drums

EXTERMINATE ALL RATIONAL THOUGHT is an instrumental progressive rock quartet based in Fort Wayne, IN.  Their music aspires to be a perfect blend of rhythmic motifs and polyphony that is intellectually stimulating, yet not so complicated as to be inaccessible.  Featuring unorthodox chord progressions, strange but beautiful harmonic structures, and an impressive dynamic range all joined together into one cohesive unit, E.A.R.Thought is unlike any other ensemble in their area.  They welcome and encourage you to listen and devise your own mental images as to what each individual song is speaking to you. - S.R. 


"It’s somewhat fitting that a band who take their name from the Naked Lunch film adaptation sound like Russian Circles on calculus. E.A.R.T. are straight instrumental prog, manipulating time signatures and harmonies into rolling, dreamy soundscapes. They’re not dissimilar from artists like Canvas Solaris, Gordian Knot, and Collapsar, but E.A.R.T. definitely focus more on riffs and climaxes than on flashy leads. They’re crazy tight live as well, managing spastic stage presence even while navigating the technical material." - Dave Mustier, METALSUCKS.NET - Full Article

“Incredible, INCREDIBLE precision by Cody and Peter. What those 2 do on their guitars is unbelievable and amazing at the same time. Cody being amazing and Peter doing the unbelievable, then they just switch mid-riff. The music that comes out of those fingers and picks is... wow.” - Brandon McGinnis, FortWayneMusic.com - Full Article

“...this is fist-pumping, nail-biting, pedal-to-the-metal rock ‘n roll. There’s shifts, turns, swerves and drops into the abyss. Lining The Streets (is) heady stuff, but you don’t have to be a scholar to get it. You just have to know good music” - E.A. Poorman, WCYT The Point 91 FM - Full Article

“A four-song suite, Lining the Streets... is an instrumental journey into a no man’s land of quiet reflection, shattered hopes and a barrage of splintered metal riffs and syncopated breakneck rhythms that tell a story with nary a voice speaking. I imagine this being the soundtrack to some neo-futurist sci-fi film – something like Metropolis, only directed by David Lynch. Usually my biggest issue with current metal, or really metal of any era, are the vocals. E.A.R.T. have fixed that problem by not having a vocalist, leaving this musical journey completely up to the listener to decide what the story is.” - John Hubner, Whatz Up Magazine - Full Article

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